Cobalt SS destroys MS3 (performance)

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    LASERBLUE135 Active Member

    1st: SS 2nd: 2009 wrx updated 3rd: MS3 4th: Lancer Ralliart

    interesting...The cobalt was without the optional LSD too. I'd like to believe that the MS3 didn't fair as well (at least a little) because it has been tested to death and people are bored of driving it.

    Here's my take, without driving any of the cars except the MS3:

    The Cobalt IS a performance bargain. And ASTONISHINGLY!!! PLAIN JANE LOOKING. This car in 4 door sedan version is the ultimate sleeper of all time. if that doesn't look like your grandma's cavalier...yet it could send you home with your tail between your legs. It's kind of hilarious. Way to go GM! I wouldn't say I'd buy one, personally I'd rather have an ACR SRT4 neon than that and save $10k if I'm buying american. If I had my pick of the 4 (If I got one for free), I'd without question pick the wrx. But admit it. It's hilarious that you would step up to this thing at a light/dragstrip and get destroyed! To me its very funny.
  2. JustROLLIN

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    Oh boy, here we go again. And yes, I agree the car is a good deal for what you pay.
  3. Workdawg

    Workdawg NARWHAL

    I'm going to sound like I'm blindly defending the MS3 I suppose, but I'd just point out that the MS3 is 2 years old now. When it first came out, it beat the hell out of the competition (as Road and Track pointed out, it was 2-0 in their other comparisons). The three cars it went up against are all brand new/significant redesigns. I have little doubt that those cars were designed specifically to compete with the MS3. I'd hope that manufacturers are smart enough to offer cars that beat a two year old design. Another thing to point out is the MS3 is still in the competition, unlike the other cars were when the MS3 was new. I wouldn't say a little over two seconds around the track is DESTROYING the MS3. The chart also shows the numbers weren't that far off. 0.06 gs and 1.3mph on the skidpad and slalom, 0.3 seconds 0-60.

    Also... the Cobalt SS is still an ugly ass cavalier...
  4. mazdamn02

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    I don't mind them as much as I should, I think I like sport compact cars in general (with the exception of hondas) more then I like just mazdas...

    Oh and please god, please, lock this thread...

    LASERBLUE135 Active Member

    Agree 100% with the 2 years old part, you're right that in order to sell cars at a competitive price to the MS3, they had better be performing equally well to it. The MS3 is an amazing car in it's own right. Very few cars live to win a 2nd showdown, and this was the 3's 3rd.

    But the SS did outperform it here. So that has to be noted, and impressed. While the SS has better value in price and mpg; and in blind performance is the faster car. But does that make it a better car? Probably not. different rubber would do a lot for the MS3, it's got much better looks inside and out, and undoubtedly better resale value. Lets call the MS3 more "posh".
  6. JustROLLIN

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    I agree with everything except the 2 seconds statement. Two seconds around a race track is actually a very large amount of time.
  7. spek1098

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    Nuff said
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  8. 04cobra

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    Wait until the 330hp Nissan 370z comes out...that will probably rape all.
  9. Workdawg

    Workdawg NARWHAL

    The 370z isn't even close to competition with the cars in discussion here though. All four are affordable, practical cars... A two seat coupe that STARTS at almost 30k doesn't really qualify.
  10. upgtx

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    Yeah, wait until the GTR Spec V comes out, then we will see how the cobalt does...

    LOL :jjj2a:

    The fact that the cobalt did it without an LSD and on the factory tires is amazing and I can actually say Good Job GM. The car is a great car for the money... Also, it has launch control! :D

    If they made an awd cobalt... I might just buy one. Lifetime power train warranty anyone ;).
  11. Slim

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    So long as GM is still around for that lifetime warranty...
  12. spek1098

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    Kind of hard to say good job to anything GM does when they have run their company into the ground and begging the government for corporate welfare.
  13. cosmicspd3

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    Comparing a US automaker to a foreign one is hard. the US ones have union work forces and with the "american" values in the administration of the companies, use greed and waste money. The foreign automakers dont seem to waste as much, but the main thing is they change quickly to what the market wants, the US ones dont.....
  14. dmention7

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    Off topic, but QFT.

    US automakers seem to have the impression that they can build whatever they want and tell consumers to like it or STFU. I think that's changing (cars like the cobalt SS are evidence of that), but there still seems to be a stubborn agenda of wanting to build cars that are good for the company instead of good for consumers.

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