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    TSB: 09-051/06


    2004 - 2006 Mazda3


    The ceiling becomes damp and water starts dripping from the front sides of the headliner. This is likely to happen during the winter in an area where the weather gets extremely cold, followed by a rise in the ambient temperature to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

    This is caused by either snow entering the vehicle cabin through the cowl grille or the climate control system is constantly set to use recirculated air which results in a buildup of moisture. To prevent snow from entering the vehicle cabin, the shape of cowl grille has been modified since December 1, 2005. For now, a special insulator will be added to the front of the roof under the headliner. You can also inform the customer to not use recirculated air all the time; try to use fresh air whenever possible.

    Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following repair procedure.


    1. Verify customer concern.

    2. For vehicles built prior to December 1, 2005 with VINs lower than JM1 BK**** ** 461950, perform Procedures A and B. For vehicles built after December 1, 2005, perform Procedure B only.


    1. Remove the windshield wiper arm and blade.

    2. Remove the weatherstrip.

    3. Move the cowl grille in the direction indicated by the arrow and disengage tabs A from the windshield.

    4. Remove the cowl grille.

    5. Install the modified right cowl grille.

    6. Install the weatherstrip.

    7. Install the windshield wiper arm and blade.

    8. Verify repair.


    1. Remove the headliner. Refer to Workshop Manual section 09-17 HEADLINER REMOVAL/INSTALLATION. If the vehicle is equipped with an overhead console and no sunroof, remove the console bracket as well.

    2. Prepare the pieces of roof insulator(s) listed in the PARTS INFORMATION and cut as shown. You will cut two pieces of insulator for vehicles without a sunroof and one piece for vehicles with a sunroof.

    3. Peel the adhesive backing from the roof insulator and install the pieces to the roof as shown.

    4. Peel the adhesive backing from the windshield insulator and install the windshield insulator as shown. It should be placed 15 mm back from the black band (frit) where it is solid without dots.

    5. Install in the reverse order of removal.

    6. Verify repair.

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