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Best wax for the job?



How's it going everyone!

A few days ago, my wonderful Fiancee was backing out of our driveway and side swiped my roomies car. There was no major damage, but there was some paint missing on both cars. I have heard people say that you can clean the area well then just put some wax over it to keep the salt out. Is this true? If so, what is the best product to use? Neither one of them really want to pay for the paint job so I am looking for a cheap fix to keep both cars from rusting.

Thanks in advance for the tips!


I'd go for a sealant of some sort. Same idea as wax, but they are more durable.

If it's a really small area, you could even use a dab of clear-coat from a touch-up bottle.


it is probably about 7-8" around on both cars. I will look into sealant. That would make more sense. Any recommended brands?

Big Nate

Chaos Engineer
put some vaseline on it until winter is done.

Then in the spring you can wash it very well and touch it up.