Best Replica Cvstos Re-Belle Lady Charms Skull watch Review

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    Best Replica Cvstos Re-Belle Lady Charms Skull watch Review

    Best Replica Cvstos Re-Belle Lady Charms Skull watch Review

    Brand Cvstos
    Item Type Replica Cvstos Re-Belle Watches
    Movement Self winding
    Case Rose Gold
    Bracelet Alligator
    Dial Color Brown
    Case size 47.2 x 36 mm
    Glass Sapphire
    Gender Ladies
    Functions Hours / Minutes
    Boxes common box
    Year 2013
    Model Number Lady Charms Skull

    BRM RG-46 Racing Watches for men After being offline for a few weeks, i am finally ready to post again. I moved to another house and although i still don’t have an internet connection i can sometimes use a friends connection to read some forums and now post.One of the few discussions i read and enjoyed reading a lot, is the discussion about Cvstos. Cvstos is in my opinion a brand that has ‘borrowed’a lot of their inspiration from another brand, Richard Mille. While Richard Mille makes extarordinairy pieces and created a unique look for his watches, cases and movements, this relatively new comer has more or less the same look. Just have a look at these photos of Cvstos and the beautiful Richard Mille RM12…

    Cvstos is one of those Swiss watch brands that I’ve know about but never really got to know until recently. The brand has often been involved with the Franck Muller Group but, as I understand it, operates separately under independent ownership by Mr. Sassoun Sirmakes, or at least is run independently. With that said, the brand’s mostly tonneau-style shaped cases and overall wrist presence is similar to many of Franck Muller’s most popular items - albeit with a much more modern flair. In some ways, I’ve often dismissed Cvstos without giving the brand much of a chance, but seeing the watches hands-on, I’ve been able to appreciate a lot of the cool stuff that they do. Prices aren’t insane (relatively speaking), and the overall quality and finishing is pretty good. So let’s take a look at some of the watches in their Challenge Chrono II collection hands-on.

    Cvstos doesn’t produce their own movements, they produce parts of their own movements in-house. They also utilize a lot of exclusive movements and specialized parts thanks to the loving attention and particularity of brand designer Antonio Terranova. The watches are really his vision, and it is important to note that the Cvstos brand has an in-house designer. Surprisingly enough, many of these more boutique watch brands (and larger ones, even) rely on a variety of outsourced design help. Having an internal designer tends to yield not only better work overall, but more design consistency as well as more complete designs that involve the case, dial, and movement together. cheap hublot big bang limited edition price


    Cheapest richard mille limited edition skull replica In this article, I go over a few recent Cvstos Challenge Chrono II watches. The collection comes in a range of colors and materials, and even with varying dial designs. I’ll start with the two-color carbon-cased Cvstos Challenge Chrono II Carbon Honolulu. This comes in a black and red “mix” carbon tonneau-shaped case that is 41mm wide by 53.7mm tall (and 13.35mm thick). A nicely chosen domed AR-coated sapphire crystal completes the curvy shape of the watch while the complex indents and cuts on the case offer a modern approach to this classic look.

    Cvstos and its Challenge Chrono II watch collection represent a very salient form of modern watch design. Allow me to assert that it takes courage to wear many modern watches with such contemporary designs. A reason that so many people wear traditional designs is that they are stylistically conservative. Older-style designs which still look good today have passed the test of time, and tend to result in rather uncontentious wearing experiences where some people will love your watch, most will accept it, and very few will actively dislike it. With modern watches that are still experimenting with form, wearers must actively accept and may even prefer a lot more of a controversial wearing experience.

    This is a good framework for helping to consider both the appeal of something like a Cvstos Challenge Chrono II, as well as why many people might very well not like the design of such a timepiece. When you strap on something this bold, visually intense, and colorful, you are asking for attention. The nature of that attention can greatly vary. So, I think it would be safe to say that people who wear novel or more controversial designs are those people who actively seek attention, or are totally comfortable in handling the consequences of such attention. replica patek philippe nautilus men watch review

    I recently had the opportunity to meet Sassoun Sirmakes, founder and CEO of Cvstos at an intimate dinner for watch collectors at The Forge restaurant on Miami Beach. Even as a watch collector, the Cvstos brand was relatively unknown to me, so I was very much looking forward to this gathering as an excellent way to be formally introduced to the brand.

    Although it launched only a mere six years ago, the brand has an impressive lineup of watches. Every model has an open dial design which allows you to see the beauty of the detailed movement.The Cvstos Challenge-R (get it, “challenger”) 50 Chronograph watch is nice overall. Perhaps not their most inspired design, but has enough technical looking sportiness to not horrendously insult anyone who wears it. The 45mm wide titanium case has a nice mix of brushed and polished surfaces, and enough design elements that work in other watches are adopted here so that ti doesn’t look too bad. Really the main problem with the watch is the price and the hands. Those tiny, tiny little hands. Why do they look so lilliputian? Why would they do this to the poor dial? Though if you look at the bottom image of the watch on a bracelet, looks like the brand started to get the message about the hands as they look a bit larger. Or am I just seeing things?

    At first glance it appears to be a skeleton dial, but upon closer inspection you can see that the collection has a clear sapphire dial and exhibition back. This is a hallmark of the brand and a design which allows even greater visibility of the movement than a skeleton dial. The look of Cvstos timepieces is similar in appearance to a Richard Mille, but with a sportier look and price.My personal favorite was the particularly striking Challenge Jet-Liner, Limited Edition Carbon Red Gold, a Tonneau-shaped, (53.7mm x 41mm) in Titanium, Red Gold and lacquered carbon case. On this model (pictured above) you can see the Arabic numbers applied directly on the clear sapphire dial. Functions include hour, minute, and seconds in the center with a date disc that is skeletonized. Details are everywhere, like the polished titanium screws which attached the carbon watch strap and the unique folding clasp and buckle. With the combination of red gold and carbon fiber, it’s an extremely elegant yet sporty watch.Cheap Cvstos Chalenge-R watches Review


    See the quad exhaust feature at the 9 o’clock and the mesh grill design on the side of the tonneau-shaped (53.70mm X 41mm) polished and satin-finished titanium case. Other details include the Zonda F logo on the case between the lugs and the Zonda design elements on the strap and clasp. The result is one of the most elegant watches that Cvstos has manufactured; if you can find one. Like the Zonda F automobile, these watches were produced in extremely limited numbers and typically sell in the secondary market for more that their original retail price.

    Cvstos is a relatively new brand that is off to a strong start. They are well designed, with extensive attention to details, yet versatile enough to be worn both as sport and dress watches.

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