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    I'm in need of a new secondary bank. To put it nicely, TCF screwed me out of my 'free' checking acount with fees and other stuff they didn't explain when I opened the accounts.

    What do you guys suggest/use as far as banks/credit unions?
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    I have been with US Bank for years, would suggest them to anyone. Solid branch locations, free ATMs in all Holiday stores, and we dont' get charged fee from USB when taking out cash elsewhere.

    We also use Endura for a credit union. If I need a loan I go there first, it's the relationship that counts here. They are also moving to allowing access to funds via US Bank branchs (not ATM locations) come April, so that's a +. For us, it's a perfect combo.
  3. mndsm

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    I run with Wells Fargo. They work for me.
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  5. dmention7

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    I've been with Affinity Plus for many years. The only drawback with credit unions over banks is that they tend to have far fewer branch locations and truly free ATMs. I do 98% of my banking electronically and probably only visit a branch 3 or 4 times a year, and use ATMs less than once per month, so I personally have no reason to bank outside of a CU.

    If you do go through a lot of cash withdrawls, it may be worth it to you to keep an account at someplace like US Bank (I agree, I have heard good things about them), but for anything that potentially costs or earns you money (investments, loans) go through a CU. The service and rates you will get are generally superior.
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    I currently don't have any bank accounts due to similar things with TCF...I can't have one unless I either pay TCF for the BS fees they charged or wait I think 7 years. Which is fine by me.

    I am running Bluebird by AmEx. Direct Deposit, totally free ATM if you use a Walmart ATM (there are plenty of Walmarts around), it's completely fee free and you can't overdraw. The drawback is that it really isn't a's just a preloaded debit card...there's no interest, no savings account, has nothing to do with your credit, etc. Also, no checks, but that's fine by me as I haven't written a check in 3 years. If I have a check to write, I'll pay cash in it's place (daycare was the only thing I ever wrote a check for along with my car payment). But I pay everything in cash or via debit card so I have no need for a real bank anymore....when it comes time for a car, suppose I pay cash if I can't get a loan due to no bank account.

    As for banks I have used/gone to/done business with. Although I've never had a USBank account, I have done business with them and I think they are great. Spire is a good credit union as well as Affinity. I have had accounts with both. Really those are the only three I will recommend to anyone. I have dealt with Wells Fargo (they held my mortgage and also had a checking with them), TCF, Bank of America, ING Direct, and a few others. ING Direct is also good, but it's an online only bank. If you have direct deposit, not an issue because they issue you checks and a debit card, just don't have locations to go to. Might not be an option, but I had an account with them for the longest of anyone and would go back again.
  7. 1Kris06

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    Thanks for the inputs, I already use US Bank as my primary. Think I'm going to look into Affinity Plus since I really only used TCF for my emergency fund.

    Since you use Affinity Jay, (if you don't mind sharing). What criteria did you meet? I'm more interested in what proof you need to have to show for
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    I really don't recall. My parents started a small savings account for me when we first moved to Minnesota, so I have technically been a member since I was in grade school. But when I first opened my checking accounts with them, I was both a U of M student, and a resident of St Paul.... I probably showed either a student ID or my driver's license.

    If you don't meet any of the other criteria, you can still become a member for life with a one-time $25 donation to their charitable foundation.
  9. DrWebster

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    Wait, Kris, why do you need a second bank if you're already with USBank?
  10. 007CobaltLS

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    Never hurts to have a secondary. I always had two different sets of accounts when I used banks. For the longest time it was ING Direct as my secondary and TCF as the primary.

    When I worked both a full-time and part-time job, my main check went into one account, my pt check went into another...for me that was how I could make sure I separated my fun money from my money needed for bills/repairs/etc.
  11. Grappler

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    I use 4 banks...

    USBANK - Emergency Credit card
    Affinity - Loans (amazing rates)
    Wells Fargo - Checking all around banking
    Gate City - Long term savings

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