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    I just wanted to take this quick post to thank all of our members and sponsors on the site. While some don't really see the benefit of being a sponsor of forums, especially on one like this where the volume is less than other sites, it does pay off.

    To give people an idea how we are able to give back to the site sponsors who support us and help cover our costs I give you the following:

    MAP - MAP has given us Dyno Days and worked with members here on a group buy. These Dyno Days bring members together and also provide a very quick source of income for a Sat or Sunday afternoon. I can only hope the group by we had made renewing with us yet again this yet worth it as well.

    Morrie's - Morrie's has provided us with details days and events where they make nothing from us. But actions like that, with continued support of the forums brings members into the dealership to try out the next new Mazda as well. For some here, it's turned into great relationship and a first name basis with several people who work for Morrie's (is that a good or bad thing? ;)). Within a one month time frame I know 2 members who picked up 2 cars each within a week of each other from them. Let us not forget the 435 people Dan has recruited as loyal customers as well.

    Tint Pros (Formerly Street Scenes Tint) - We are glad to have Tint Pros in mix as well (even though I've been slacking on their new forum). These guys have tinted so many cars in the metro and you will have a very hard time finding someone to say something bad about their work. We are coming up on their 2nd tint day hosted by BAG (Jana and My Big Ass Garage as well like to call it), and already I see this nearing almost $2000 in revenue for a local business in one day that supports the community in a big way.

    To all of you you are apart of these business ventures and to all the members who support them and allow them to grow and feed our passion...

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    FYI, our members and moderating team is a HUGE part of planning these events, it takes a village people! :D

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