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a specific place for rotaries


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I have to admit though Ivan I'm with them on this one. There simply aren't enough rotor heads on here to keep a rotary section up and running enough to justify it. Yeah it would be nice for the new guys who join to feel like they have their own home section they belong to, but its just not justified. Yes it only takes about 5 seconds to make a new section in the Admin CP so its not a matter of difficulty, but i don't know, it just doesn't seem like its needed yet. The only really nice part would be its a section where the ms3 guys cant poke fun at our rotors lol. Yes we've had 3 new rotary guys join in the last week, but their not exactly active yet. Maybe if we get some more active guys, we'll be able to pull this one off.


If you want a rotary thread, and you want to keep it on topic, create the thread. We can keep it to a minimum amount of picking on the angry magic doritos, and hell, we might all learn something.

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Any rotary thread that is in a section other then the lounge will stay on topic. That is the job of the mods. But if you feel the need to post a thread in the on topic section I won't stop you.


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Yeah, until the content of this site becomes more relevant the only thing we will see is a reduction in forums (which is actually coming).

It's bad enough the tech side of this site is so minimal compared to the off topic banter, just because we have more members of a specific model in no way defines a need for a specific forum.


Dammit, I saw the thread title and I was hoping to get in on the reality check, but it looks like I'm late to the party :(