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2009 MNMazda Spring Dyno Day Recap!



Yes, between yours and schimittys pulls I am sold on an AP.
Should have one soon and I'll toss it back up on the rollers.

Nice gains Jay!
^ Even though you're FWD it's WICKED to see the difference in what the AP does for the curve after 5,600rpm. The AP sells itself in simply comparing our graphs since we have the same type of mods...damn drivetrain loss :p


Well, don't get TOO jealous. My narrowband tells me I'm leaning out up top (seems to happen once the VICS switches over)... seems like that teeny little L-A core flows a little too well for the ECU to fully manage. So I'll be dialing it back to stock boost for safety until I can get a SSAFC. I'm sad that MAP's AFR logging wasn't working for my pulls, because I wanted to know just how lean I was running.
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