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2008 Season Closer Dyno Day Recap!


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How long did it take to get the charts after the Dyno Day in May?...anyone remember?
We've had a few dyno days thru other car clubs at Modern before, and it seems like some people get theirs in a day or 2, while others wait a week, and some never get it and have to call there to get them sent. Really odd how it works. (I know Ive never waited more than 3-4 days to get mine from them)

You'd think they'd have a printer by now.


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Well I could see it when I posted it. I've changed it back and cleared MSF cookies and can still see it.

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is the word, beotch
My pulls were consistent as a mo fo...consistent, but weak when compared to the abundance of turbos

Notice the nice smooth acceleration due to my sweet-ass grounding kit!...:p