1983 Mazda RX-7 FB Part Out - Red

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    1983 Mazda RX-7 FB Part Out.

    We are making a quick run at getting some money together so we can afford to fully paint our Rotary Miata after it was backed into by a truck :(

    Please contact us for the parts you are looking for and we'll email you back. Priority will be given first-come, first-serve since we are wanting to get the car fixed asap.

    The car was 13B swapped, but there is no engine in it now since that went into the Miata. But we still might have engine parts, just ask.

    Some parts have already been taken off the car and we will continue to do so until it is stripped. The body will either be up for sale if someone wants it (There is rust in the tubs) or it will be junked/donated.

    We are willing to ship as long as buyer pays shipping costs. We accept cash, paypal (gift), or credit cards through the paypal/quickbooks swipe.

    Email us ASAP! let's get this Miata fixed!

    (We also have parts for a NA Miata, a RX7 FC, and random Gen 1 MS3 OEM stuff)

    Willing trades would be for the following parts ONLY (in good condition & color does not matter)
    Miata NA Driver's side Tail light, Miata NA rear finish panel, Miata NA rear bumper reinforcement bar, Miata NA Heater core, RX7 FC Manual Transmission - non T2)

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