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    $OLD: 1990 Mazda Miata (tastefully modified)

    Hi all, I have decided to pick up either a '13 Focus ST or WRX. As such, I will need to sell my current daily driver. Below is pertinent information about the car. Seller name: David Humes Seller contact information 218-343-5008(call/text) or email at davidphumes@gmail.com Location...
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    DavidPHumes' turbo 5.3 FC part out

    I have had something come up that requires a good deal of cash. Unfortunately, my RX-7 is somewhere that I have a lot of cash tied up, so parting it out is my only real choice (no, not having a kid or getting married at the moment). I am keeping the car as a roller, but removing everything else...
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    Turbo FC nearing completion...

    Well guys, I'm almost done with my car so I figured I'd post some pictures. I posted basically this same thread over on MNSC but I figured you might like to see it. It's been a long, expensive process but there's light at the end of the tunnel. I've built the car 100% myself with the welding...
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    Miscellaneous FC parts: LSx swap, widebody, coilovers, etc.

    Alright guys, so the car isn't even off of the trailer yet but the part out begins. Here's the car these are all coming off of: http://www.norotors.com/index.php?topic=5376.0 I will take pictures of all additional listed parts tomorrow evening. I will meet north of the cities for most...
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    WTB: FC TII Sideskirts

    As the title says, I'm looking for some TII sideskirts (S5 preferably) that are in good condition. I will be painting them so I don't care what color. I'm looking only for OEM stuff. Please PM me here or text/call 218-343-5008 if you have some or know where I can find some (other than RX-7 Club).
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    $OLD: 1986-1991 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II LSD Differential Setup

    $500 For sale is the entire rear subframe out of my 1990 Mazda RX-7. It is complete with a Turbo II 4.10 limited slip differential (LSD). The differential is from an 87 TII meaning it is the clutch type setup (the most desirable and durable of the RX-7 LSDs). The whole unit is painted with...
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    New From Duluth - turbo LSx RX-7 and SRT4

    Hey guys, I already started a build thread, you can see that here. Anyway, here's my two cars: The RX-7... well, see the build thread for that :D The SRT4 just has a TD05 and is about 330WHP. I'm surprised I've never been on this site, considering how long I've had my Mazda :o
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    DavidPHumes' turbo LSx S5 FC Swap Thread...

    Hey guys, I guess this is both a "welcome" thread as well as a build thread. I've had my RX-7 since I was 17 (22 now) and last winter converted it from an auto/N/A Rotary to a 6 speed/N/A LS1. The car made just over 400RWHP. Well, my never ending love for boost has started me on a new project...