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    Plush carpet

    I've sold my 2008 Mazda3 and never ended up installing the new plush replacement interior carpet. Selling for $200. Make your interior brand new again, and it'll be quieter as well. PM me if interested.

    2016 cx-3!

    This might just be my next ride. Love the look anyway! http://mazdausa.tumblr.com/cx3form

    $OLD: Workbench For Sale

    Selling my old workbench. I'll have it emptied off soon, but wanted to throw a pic up here quick. It's 6' wide, 2' deep and 5' tall. I'd like $40 for it, since they for for around $100 new and it's in pretty decent shape yet. The drawers both work fine and I don't believe the work surface...

    Thoughts on the auto show?

    The family and I went to the auto show on Sunday and though it was smaller than it has been in years past (seriously....spread the cars out a bit more rather than mashing them into a tighter space), I was pleasantly surprised by the variety. It was great to see Fiskar's appearance and most...

    Drive-in Event!!

    Hey folks, I know it's short notice, but Vali-Hi drive-in doesn't post up very much in advance. Anybody up for a Sunday night drive-in theater event? The details on what's showing and when are HERE. To keep it simple, things start off with Cars2 when it gets dark and the box office opens...

    Big Nate Book

    It's a must-have! Here

    Big Nate Book

    It's a must-have! Here

    Groupon for DentKraft PDR - ACT FAST!!


    ysoslo's new ride

    2009 Honda Ruckus with a GY6 engine swap modded to 187cc. The thing is a blast!
  10. YSOSLO

    Republicans suck thread (flipside to Obama thread) - Every post must contain a pic

    ...and our favorite poster boy...lol
  11. YSOSLO

    The Official "Great Deals on Booze" Thread

    To get things started, I was picking up some Sailor Jerry today (18.99/per 1.75ltr bottle with coupon, so got a case [6 bottles]) and noticed Bacardi Limon has a sliding-scale rebate on it's bottles. 1.75ltr bottles for 26.99 and a $60 rebate on 6 bottles or more = 16.99 per bottle = awesome deal!
  12. YSOSLO

    YSOSLO got some new tires

    LOVE the quiet ride these tires give. Haven't driven more than 10 miles on them, so this isn't a long-term review or anything, but so far there's a lot less road noise, and I really like the fact that they have a lip on them to protect the wheels from damage (wish I had them when I put the new...
  13. YSOSLO

    YSOSLO's Garage Mahal

    So I finally decided enough is enough with regard to the amount of crap piling up in our garage, and I've convinced Jess to chip in on some garage cabinets/storage etc. Below are a couple of "before" pictures, followed by some not quite "after" pics, but we'll call it about 75%-of-the-way-there...
  14. YSOSLO

    Awesome non-forum/blog quote from the intarwebs.

    Looking for quotes from any site online that made you laugh, while avoiding random blather from someone trying to be funny on a forum or blog. Please include the context information when applicable.
  15. YSOSLO

    FS - 1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Asking $5500

    My brother has decided to sell my old Subaru I sold to him when I got my Mazda3. These cars are fairly sought after because they were 1 of 3 model years made with 2 doors and no window surround (so when the side glass is rolled down and you open the door there's nothing sticking up above the...
  16. YSOSLO

    FS: Packers Vikings tickets

    Our babysitter cancelled, so I'm selling a pair of tickets for the Monday night game. Section 205 Row 20. First $300 takes 'em or make an offer.
  17. YSOSLO

    Disc Golf Links and Info

    Just decided to start a new thread for all that is DG without promoting a specific event or GB or anything. Please post up any sites that you've found good information on, whether it be info on what DG is all about or great sites to buy from, reviews etc. I'll get the ball rolling with a...
  18. YSOSLO

    Awesome posts from www.textsfromlastnight.com

    Put 'em in here to keep the chatbox clear.
  19. YSOSLO

    Can you imagine?....a pretty cool story here

    Check out this video someone emailed me. This lady is a true car lover, although I can't imagine keeping a car as long as her. Watch the whole thing (about 4 minutes) and see what you think. http://growingbolder.com/media/technology/vehicles/romancing-the-road-259598.html
  20. YSOSLO

    It's a GIRL!!

    Just officially announcing the birth of Merin Kya Jacobs, born at 10:04pm on 6-7 weighing 5lbs 14ozs and 19" long/tall. Here she is!