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  1. Grappler

    Grapplers FC (AKA never done)

    Cliff notes: Bought car when I was 18 drove it for one winter caught fire next winter Put money into redoing entire engine bay 1 year later started car again 5 min later blew coolant seal /cliff notes :long version: http://www.mnmazda.com/forum/showthread.php?4834-Grapplers-Fire-Rebuild...
  2. Grappler

    1986 Mazda Rx7 GXL 6 port Turbo :(

    I told you guys you would get first chance at my car if I ever sold it so here is your chance. I bought the car just after I turned 18 in 2008 with just over 42k garage kept miles on the car from the original owner for ~$5000. I put new tires on and a new alternator that winter A few days...
  3. Grappler

    Metrodome collapsed last night

  4. Grappler

    N/a and Turbo Parts Mostly stock some aftermarket

    I have several parts for sale mostly stock some aftermarket. S4 N/a inlet duct $10 + shipping S4 N/a AFM $25 + shipping S4 OMP pump $25 + shipped Charcoal Canister 15 + shipping Cold start and resevoir $10 + shipping Fuel tank gasket $5 + shipping s4 N/a Throttle cable $10 +...
  5. Grappler

    Help me get rid of this table so I can pay my bills

    For Sale I have a table that comes with 2 leafs and 6 chairs. $35 for everything picked up. Pictures
  6. Grappler

    So kind of a serious question/advice thread

    Don't feel like reading go to the bottom for cliff notes I am currently at odds with myself. I currently am almost finished with my car I am trying to get it into MAP for some stuff that needs done. I recently got a new job its pretty much a security gig been at it for a couple months and...
  7. Grappler

    Trying to decide what to do next.

    So I am not yet finished with my car but I am trying to figure out what to do after its done this is what I have come up with so far. 1. Upgrades :D to4z turbo 4x 1000cc Fuel Injectors Exedy twin disc clutch and TII Drive-train Megasquirt ECU Some nice coilovers ~8k 2. Buy a motorcycle I...
  8. Grappler

    Added some NAAAAWWWWWWSSSSSSSS today to the 7

    Am I doing it right? Its my cheap oil catch can for those that didn't know :happydance:
  9. Grappler

    Wtb someone with a welder and an less than an hour of time

    Hey guys I am still working on the car but I was installing my egt probe and fubar'ed my threads that I was trying to make with a crappy tap. Anyone that can weld a fitting in place let me know.
  10. Grappler

    Grapplers Fire Rebuild

    Well started off last weekend looking like this... Removed the Battery most of the wiring Harness and Part of the BAC AFM Intake box, alternator and almost got far enough to remove the throttle body.
  11. Grappler

    Not many 7 drivers around here

    Hey everyone I found you guys off of somebody in rx7club I forget who though Anyways right now I drive a stock 1986 rx7 gxl which by the end of this winter will be very non stock :D excuse the crappy cellphone pics they are the only ones I have atm. A few of the parts going in this winter...