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  1. Grappler

    FS: Cisco router/switch/wireless access point CCNA lab kit

    I have no need for that much fun but at the same time...
  2. Grappler

    HmongDude from East St. Paul

    Sing Cha as in used to work at Oreilly's Sing Cha? <---James
  3. Grappler

    Lexus SC300

    Nice job. you should definitely cross post some of your build stuff :P
  4. Grappler


    http://www.dorkly.com/article/51363/eas-reponse-to-being-named-the-worst-company-in-america oh EA :P
  5. Grappler


    http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/03/hackers-open-up-offline-play-modding-tools-for-simcity/ Silly EA
  6. Grappler


    I use 4 banks... USBANK - Emergency Credit card Affinity - Loans (amazing rates) Wells Fargo - Checking all around banking Gate City - Long term savings
  7. Grappler

    Going Turbo - 1984 RX-7 FB

    What was up with the donor car if you don't mind my asking?
  8. Grappler

    Going Turbo - 1984 RX-7 FB

    This thread is relevant to my interests...
  9. Grappler

    Project Complete - Keep Calm and Don't Lift

    Dat thing looks familiar :P
  10. Grappler

    The Second Annual MNMazda/Stellar alignment day - 27th of April

    If only the brokeswagons suspension had any adjust-ability at all I would be down
  11. Grappler

    A look inside the new MAPerformance shop!

    Stopped by the other day with Spaz and Scheides places looks awesome.
  12. Grappler

    HELP: Code P0302

    :edit: didn't see the second page nvm
  13. Grappler

    RC Liquidation Sale!!! Radios, Bodys, Wheels OH MY!!!

    nvm picked up the stuff I needed
  14. Grappler

    DavidPHumes' turbo LSx S5 FC Swap Thread...

    Nice setup I'm not much for pistons in 7s but its a nice setup and very clean :)
  15. Grappler

    Smokin RX7

    Thats a stock hitachi turbo for the TII. How much do you consider to be "minimal shaftplay" ? With a decently large exhaust you should see if you have a fuel cut defender/modified ecu. Otherwise you may have problems with boost creep anything over 8.7 PSI ecu will cut fuel to the rear rotor...
  16. Grappler

    1999 Mazda Miata

    I f I had the cash I would snag it but I am definitely on the makes less than picklz list :P
  17. Grappler

    Maroon Day is TOMORROW, July 30th - EVERY State Trooper will be on duty

    saw a state trooper on the way home but other than that nothing out of the ordinary
  18. Grappler

    $OLD! Set of 4 Rx8 Wheels

    Base models are 4 bolt GXL and TurboII are 5 bolt
  19. Grappler

    $OLD! Set of 4 Rx8 Wheels

    Do you know the size/offset by chance?