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    well haven't been on here in a while

    Hey guys I pop in every now and then. Question, anyone know what kind of turbo the MX6 / Probe GT came with stock?
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    The Official "Great Deals on Booze" Thread

    Hendricks gin for 18.99 750ml at St anthony. 750's of Stoli vodka multiple flavors for 9.99, lots more. Look on the back of your Rainbow foods receipt for a 10% off coupon. Free beer and cider tasting saturday may 3rd from 1 to 4 pm. Check out our FB page...
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    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    grey MSP, red MS3, white evo 8 or 9, black evo 10 on hwy 88 yesterday in NE mpls. And a silver 458 Italia on 94 by woodbury.
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    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    Black speed 6 parked at UW stout this morning. Also saw a purple one at the menomonie walmart a week or two ago.
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    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    Red ferrari F430 with black soft top going south on 88 this morning through heavy rain.
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    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    Gray MSP and a blue Lotus this morning in Saint Anthony. Not sure what kind of lotus, just saw the back. Newer-looking Elise/Exige.
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    GI- Fender rolling meet?

    Got some 8.25" 0mm offset wheels on order. Count me in for a fender rolling meet if this is still an idea.
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    The 2013 MNMazzda Spring Cruise (possible over-nighter)

    has anything official been planned since the last post in march?
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    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    While gassing up i heard the ferocious roar of rotary engine coming out of what had to be at least 4" exhaust. Looked over and saw a red FD RX-7, gold or bronze wheels with a RIDICULOUS rear diffuser going west on Hansen just off hwy 10 in coon rapids.
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    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    Black rx8 on county road D and 35w. Had what looked to be some very unattractive winter rims on it.
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    For Sale: Nitro RC 4x4 truck and extras - $200

    I have a 1:8 scale duratrax nitro demon i'm looking to sell. It has a newer bigger engine installed. 0.32 i think It will need new A-arms (control arms?) at some point because the screws holding the struts to them strip out on hard impacts. Or get bigger screws. Front struts each have...
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    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    Spotted a black 3rd gen lotus esprit on the way home. brb i need a towel...
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    The OFFICIAL Fall Cruise 2012 Thread CANCELLED.

    Friction generates more heat than ambient air can provide. If 47 is considered "fucking cold" we may as well rename the site FLMazda and move down south. Yeah, i'm buttmad.
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    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    it was a 2013 model year then. it had a somewhat off-looking rear and significantly different front, i google imaged 2013 viper and that was it.
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    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    rolled up hwy 10 alongside a super clean gunmetal 2012 or 2013 viper a few mornings ago.