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  1. derrian
  2. 95M-an
    If you can't Dodge it, Ram it!!!
  3. M1NH5AN3
    13B Teardown right now lol
  4. karena
    First year Miata owner
  5. ltpapin
    ltpapin dmention7
    The classifieds section mentions reading the classified rules but I can't find them. I don't want to post a WTS add and make the powers that be angry...

    Please send me a link so I can read the for sale posting rules. Thank you.
  6. Exspeed3

    Purchased the intake directly from K&N website ($285+shipping)
    Installed on a 2012 mazdaspeed3 2.3l turbo.
    Intake maybe had 4,000 miles of use.( NEW CONDITION)!
    Have box/instructions and all hardware
    $160.00 - Cash Only (Price reduced)
    Traded Car in and installed stock Intake!
    Steve 6127036869
  7. minitrucker@heart
  8. minitrucker@heart
    Yep, still got em
  9. 007CobaltLS
    007CobaltLS minitrucker@heart
    Do you still have those 4x100 wheels for sale? I forgot all about them...spring will be here shortly and I'm in need of some summer wheels (sold both my old sets so I only have my winter wheels/tires now).
  10. light
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  11. DTruongMazda
    DTruongMazda k.trazy
    dude check out

    and let me know if you're buying so I can give you a discount.
  12. minitrucker@heart
    minitrucker@heart 1Kris06
    You still need work on that grille?
  13. k.trazy
    k.trazy DTruongMazda
    Nope, haven't fixed the yet. Hopefully soon, though! Say, how much do I need to pay for all season mats and a fog lamp kit?
  14. DTruongMazda
    DTruongMazda k.trazy
    Dude did you fix your hood?
  15. Vance '05
  16. mndsm
    Can do, boss.
  17. DTruongMazda
    DTruongMazda mndsm
    Quick Question: Can you switch the moderator from Jesse over to me on the morries section please??

    You ready for this Sunday?!?!
  18. mndsm
    Yeah, I got you covered.
  19. DTruongMazda
    DTruongMazda mndsm
    Hey Tom!

    quick question.

    Can I get some more stickers?? :)

    some for the co-worker, and some for the wifey ;)

    See you next sunday!
  20. DTruongMazda